Sunday, 24 October 2010

Reason number 1 why Sparks are the greatest band in existance

This video:

Now a lot of people go on about how weird videos like Come to Daddy by Aphex twin are but my word the first time i saw this one i was just dumbfounded by how incredibly bizarre it all is.
Children doing ring around  the roses at night/ around a fake apple tree/ pantomime cow head.
Ron Mael grinning malevolantly and wearing various creepy rubber animal masks and at one point weird twiggy hands.
Ron Mael weirdly squishing his wolf mask for a while.
A pantomime cow that appears for no apparent reason reflected in Russell's glasses.
It turning out that the cow is Ron.
And all the while Russell Mael is just in the background singing and doing his weird shoulder dance!

The whole thing would be a lot less weird if it was the video to, say, Young Girls, which has it's only paedophillic tones but Funny Face has a very clear story which has absolutely nothing to do with anything that goes on in the video!

And that's why they are great.

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