Thursday, 17 June 2010

You'll be a Staaaaarrr Maaaannn. Andrew Stone my dream lover.

Last night i had a very loving and sexual dream about Andrew Stone from Pineapple Dance Studios.
Those of you who haven't watched Pineapple... i must say i pity you, in my opinion it was the greatest new program to appear on UK screens for years. Basically it's a reality tv series following the many wonderful and often insane personalities who frequent the studio.

Andrew is one of the teachers at the studio and also is the lead singer of the band Starman. I must say i really like Andrew and have quite a big crush on him. He is a member of one of my favourie types of men: The Harmless Prat.

You see Andrew (from what i have ascertained from the program anyway) has a lot of bad qualities. He is pretentious, incredibly arrogant, self agrandising, vain, rather pervy and overbearing and yet he is very loveable.
You see there is nothing cruel or nasty about him in any way, shape or form. As someone who is certain he is 'the shit' you might expect him to look down his nose at the little people, but he is always friendly and kind. Underneath the arrogance and slight creepiness there's a definate sweetness. There are moments in the show where he is completely genuine and really tender. While he clearly loves himself he is not above taking the piss of himself. There's something innocent about him too, even when he's perving over shop assistants or describing himself as 'sexually organic'. I think it has to do with him being so eager to please, like a small child, he really wants to be loved by everyone, and while this does come across as a little pathetic, it is also sweet and makes me just want to give him a big cuddle against my large matronly bosom and tell him he's loved.

I also am astounded by his insane levels of self confidence, having low self esteem myself i am always amazed by people who have such high opinions of themselves. I really admire the honesty and lack of false modesty. He thinks he is amazing, talented and sexy so why should he pretend to not feel that way? It's refreshing in a way.

 I just find him really very endearing.

He's clearly an amazing dancer and has a real passion and love for it. Also i found this article here and really love what he says:
'Don't ever get wrapped up with what other people think you should look like. It's what you dance like which is what matters. It's the imperfections that make you perfect.
All I require of people when they come to my class is this, you don't have to be the best, you don't have to do it well, but give me 100% and I'll give you 100%. Find out what you love and dedicate yourself to it.'
It makes me happy because i am plump, unfit and generally completely unsuitable to be a dancer, but i love dancing. I've never been to classes due to my shyness and lack of confidence, but i would love to learn to dance properly.  Going clubbing and throwing shapes and showing off my (rather rubbish) moves makes me feel alive and so, so happy. So it's nice that someone from such a prestigious dance school, who could be rather snobbish, instead seems genuinely to just care about the passion his students feel and not care about things like how fit they are, but just wants them to try their best.

I also think he's very handsome. And i like Starman's music, it's so camp and fun!

...It's dead creepy when he does the splits while sitting down though, crotch pointing straight at the camera and legs akimo, toes pointing ballet style.

Anyway in my dream for some reason i was on a camping trip with my friend Xenia, a bunch of people who only exist in the dream and Andrew. Andrew had a giant portable cabin thing instead of a tent and i decided to stay with him because i couldn't be bothered to put up my own tent. We decided to have sex and he got fed up with me because while he waited, naked on the bed, i kept doing things like cleaning my teeth and washing my face and generally just wandering around the little cabin in unattractive pyjamas. But then i finally went to bed with him and we had a cuddle and he started crying out of happiness. I woke up before anything else happened :P

Theres a very interesting article on him here. And check out Starman's official website to listen to their camp disco-pop music.


  1. Doesn't it suck when you wake up before anything else happens? LOL.

  2. Heh heh! Actually in this particular dream i was very pleased it didn't go any further XD