Sunday, 13 June 2010

My stupid stupid lust for nonsensical items.

About 2 days ago i discovered, to my surprise and great joy, that i am to come into rather a large sum of money. I am of course delighted as it will get me out of my overdraft and will stop my fiancial worries for now, as long as i am not silly. I am planning to put the vast majority of it into savings but am going to treat myself a little.

Now i am going to buy some sensible things, art supplies, books for inspiration etc. And a small amount of makeup and clothing and such 'normal' things. However my brain appears to be ncredibly stupid. It s crying out for me to make a ridiculous purchase, something i have always fancied but could never ever possibly need. A thing so utterly ludicrous that the rational parts of my mind are screaming at me for even contemplating wanting it, even in jest.

And what is this thing, this utterly stupid thing?

A sinclair C5!

...Oh god, i need to get the money into my savings account RIGHT NOW!!

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  1. Hey there- I've been following your Funny Face blog for a bit now and I had to check out your personal one. I had to say something about this though! I think it's hilarious that people comment on everything, you have comments on most other posts but not a one here. I think it's because no one knows what to say- but I just have to say I wish you got as much $ as you hoped because this would be AWESOME! Would you really ride around in it?
    PS-I am completely smitten with your Croc-Head woman illustration.